Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Old school

I went to a Bible Study last night, and was quite surprised to discover that the majority of those in attendance had very little knowledge of the Old Testament, even of some pretty significant characters. I'm not a Bible scholar by any measure, but at least I've read it a couple of times. I guess it surprised me that such a large collection of individuals who had gathered together for the purpose of studying the Bible hadn't read it... or at least hadn't read it recently.

I'll admit, I skip over most of the so-and-so became the father of so-and-so stuff... but there are some really good stories in there too! The story of Esther was turned into a book & movie recently. The prayer of Jabez became a full-blown Christian fad a few years ago when someone took two sentences from the Old Testament and wrote a book about it. Christians and non-Christians alike know the stories of Noah and Moses and Joseph and Jonah etc etc... or at least I thought they did!!

Maybe I'm just "old school"!