Thursday, October 4, 2007

God is closer than you think?

I've started reading a book by John Ortberg. The title just caught my attention, even if it is half a page long: God is closer than you think and this could be the greatest moment of your life because this moment is the place where you can meet God.

The title is provocative... but just as interesting (to me at least) is the fact that John Ortberg is a Presbyterian. I'm showing my ignorance of "mainline" denominations here, but I didn't think Presbyterians cared that much about a relationship with God. All of the ones I've met were more consumed with social issues (and often socially progressive ones).

Apparently, Ortberg is also a prolific writer with a bunch of other books whose titles are longer than some of my blog posts. I might have to check them out...

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Anonymous said...

Ortberg was raised as a Baptist, attended Wheaton College and Fuller Theological Seminary. He was on staff at a MegaChurch (Willow Creek in Chicago Area) prior to his present position at Menlo Park Pres in the Bay Area. I listen to his podcasts quite regularly. I suspect he is a Christian first, who just happens to pastor a church that is affiliated with the Presbyterian denomination.