Thursday, May 15, 2008


I've been an official resident of Louisiana for one week now. When I first got here, things seemed vaguely familiar (since I lived here before about 10 years ago), but it didn't take long for those vague memories to come into focus. So in a way, coming back here has been like coming back home. I'm going to enjoy my time here!

Sunday, there was a guest speaker at Christian Challenge -- Bro. Dale Chapman, Pastor Nathan's father-in-law. The message was definitely not what I had expected. He opened by saying that he was going to address the ladies in the congregation, and that sometimes we accept the norms of our culture/tradition as truth rather than looking to the Bible. With an opening like that, I seriously wondered if he was going to launch into a message on holiness standards... and I was glad I had worn a skirt that morning! LOL! But fortunately, that wasn't the direction that he was headed at all. Instead, he spoke about women who had a tremendous impact on his life. It was good!

Sunday afternoon, a bunch of us went up to Red Dirt in the Kisatchie National Forest. I used to "escape" to Red Dirt fairly often when I first lived in Louisiana. I was eager to get back out there. There had been some fires in the forest, so I wasn't sure if it would be anything like I had remembered, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was better than I had remembered! I'll definitely be headed up there again!

Here are a couple of pictures:

It was such a beautiful day... and I'm looking forward to many more beautiful days here!

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