Saturday, September 13, 2008

Déjà vu all over again

We're feeling the effects of hurricane Ike here... not nearly to the extent that Houston is feeling it, but this storm is massive. We had some pretty good rains last night, and this morning there's more wind than rain... but judging from the projected track, we'll be back into the rain soon enough.

I woke up again at around 5:00 am to a rather loud "crack." I'm sure a tree limb went down somewhere close by, but it doesn't appear to be in my yard. It's just now getting light enough outside to see things clearly. All in all, it doesn't look bad here, but judging from the latest radar it looks like we'll be dealing with some degree of wind and rain all day. The primary concern here is that more trees will come down. The ground was still quite wet from Gustav, and we have a lot of oak trees around here that simply came up roots and all during that storm.

I slept with my cell phone next to me. Several times throughout the night I received tornado warnings for my parish (county), but for the most part they were off the south of me.

I had the option of spending the night with friends, but decided to stay at my place. My cable went out briefly a couple of times, and the power blinked, but so far so good... One of the fringe benefits of having power is that you can drown out some of the other storm noises with your AC and TV!

More later...

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