Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lessons from an airline terminal

I'm writing this from a nice quiet corner of the B terminal at Dallas Fort Worth airport... in the middle of a nice long layover, waiting to go home to Louisiana.

I usually think of my air travel time as "down time" -- I don't expect anything productive to come of it. But on this trip, God taught me some things...

I'm hardly a frequent flyer... in fact, this is only my second or third plane trip in 2008. But even though I'm far from being a travel veteran, I was able to help a few folks find their way today. They just happened to ask me about things that I had seen or was familiar with from the first leg of my trip. It felt good to help!

I took two lessons from that... or actually, three:

1. Even if I don't know a lot and haven't gone very far myself, there's still someone else that I can assist along the way.

2. Wow... people were actually asking me questions? Approaching me? Either they were desperate or I'm not giving off that "stay away from me" vibe quite so much anymore!

3. God can talk to me even when I'm not trying very hard (if at all!) to hear His voice.

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