Friday, January 30, 2009

Where are You?

In John 20, I imagine that Mary was still trying to come to terms with Jesus' death that Sunday morning when she came to the tomb. She must have been devastated at the loss of her good friend and teacher. Yet... she still wanted to be close to Him. The only thing she could do now was take care of His body. She must have been totally crushed and confused to discover that Jesus' body was not there that morning. Someone must have moved Him. But where? I can't imagine the emptiness and helplessness and loneliness that she must have felt in that moment.

But then there was a voice behind her. She shares her pain with this stranger, not knowing who it is... until He calls her by name!

I know that God never leaves us, but there have definitely been times when I felt like I couldn't find Him. I wonder if, like Mary, I was just looking in the wrong place -- looking for what I expected & wanted to see. Perhaps I was looking so hard that I forgot to listen...

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