Thursday, December 6, 2007


In less than two days I'll be getting baptized!

I've been inviting everyone. I honestly have no idea how many people will be there. Over the last few weeks, I can hardly keep quiet -- I've told everyone who would listen (and a few who wouldn't) what I've learned about grace. I used to have such a hard time sharing what I believed... but that's probably because I wasn't completely convinced myself. Now, it comes so naturally. I wish I could get more "nonchurch" friends to come to my baptism, but even extending the invitation gives me an opportunity to share my story.

I guess I should probably explain what's going to happen. I'm not getting baptized in a church service, but at a friend's house--in their pool. Yes, it's outside. No, it isn't heated. Yes, it's December!! My baptism is going to be "really cool" in more ways than one! Of course, this isn't as bad as it sounds since I live in Florida. I won't have to break any ice to get in the water!

I will be baptized by the same associate pastor who taught me about grace -- and that means a lot to me. It makes it very personal. This isn't just some minister asking me if I've trusted Christ as my Savior, this is the pastor who took time out of his schedule to show me what it really meant to trust Christ and not my own efforts.

For the baptism itself, I'm not expecting some "charismatic style" spiritual experience, but I am expecting it to be meaningful and significant. It'll probably be a little emotional for me. I'm marking a new beginning, celebrating my new relationship with God... a relationship that I had previously written off as impossible. I'm just beginning to understand God's grace. I'm only starting to comprehend the magnitude of what Jesus did for me -- the free gift of salvation with no strings, no threats, and no regrets. Baptism is a step of obedience, a response to the gift, and an identification with the Giver.

I can't wait...

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