Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Excellent Resource

I asked my "grace awakening" pastor if he knew of any online Bible classes... and he had an excellent recommendation for me. It's http://www.christiancourses.com - run by the "Our Daily Bread" folks. I can remember getting those little devotional booklets back when I was in high school, although I have to admit I thought they were a bit cheesy back then. That was... a long time ago! Probably 18-20 years... so it's nice to know that these classes have the backing of a ministry that has been around for that long. Of course, longevity isn't everything...

This isn't just a course or two -- there's twelve courses for Old Testament Survey, and twelve for New Testament Survey, along with some apologetics and other stuff. I'm going to start with New Testament Survey.

Feel free to join me!

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